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Have a glimpse of our student`s campus life and engaging Pines events.

Apr 02, 2024
Pines Academy Students Conduct Outreach Program at Irisan Elementary School

On March 23, the students and staff members of Pines Language Academy participated in an outreach program at Irisan Elementary School. The main objective of this event was to promote community engagement and support educational initiatives, which included fun activities and educational exchanges. During the outreach program, Pines students and staff members generously distributed snacks and facilitated language exchange activities with students from Irisan Elementary School. The program's key component was the language exchange activities for cultural and linguistic exchange between the Pines and Irisan students. Through engaging games, origami sessions, and dance workshops, participants immersed themselves in interactive learning experiences. Origami sessions sparked creativity and fine motor skills development among the young learners, fostering a sense of accomplishment and joy. The program also featured lively dance sessions, where participants enthusiastically showcased their dance moves. Through rhythmic movements and coordinated steps, students from Pines and Irisan Elementary School celebrated diversity and unity, building lasting bonds beyond language barriers. The outreach program not only enriched the educational experience of the students but also strengthened community ties between Pines Language Academy and Irisan Elementary School. Check out the highlights of the outreach program. 

Mar 22, 2024
Taiwanese BESA Fam Tour Highlights at Pines Academy

The Baguio English Schools Association hosted the Taiwanese Familiarization Tour opening at Pines Academy filled with exploration and cultural exchange on March 18, 2024. The Taiwanese delegates started the tour by visiting the Botanical Garden to be reminded of Baguio City's rich ornamental plant resources and experience the picturesque Mines View Park. They have also dropped in at the Mansion House. They arrived at Pines Academy for a campus tour and the official opening ceremony of the BESA Taiwanese tour at 4 pm after a delightful lunch at Camp Johnhay's Seafood Island.The event marked a significant moment for collaboration and partnership with the attendance of 14 Taiwanese partner agencies, along with representatives from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) through the presence of Supervising TESDA Specialist Marie Bulatao and Bureau of Immigration-CAR Alien Control Officer (ACO) Theodore Pascual. The opening ceremony hosts were JIC's Academic Director, Brian Pobre, and Pines' Marketing Manager, Rona Dale Ortiz. After listening to their compelling speeches, Pines' Marketing Manager, Rona Dale Ortiz, rendered a presentation about Baguio City with points on why it is the ideal place for studying the English language. The program concluded with a video presentation establishing the city's strategic location for students to travel during weekends or at some point in their study period. The delegates proceeded to The Manor Hotel for dinner to continue fostering bonds. The delegates spent the second day of the fam tour visiting the Pines IELTS Campus. They roamed around the IELTS Specialized Campus checking out the facilities and were also able to witness a demo class on how we conduct our IELTS Speaking Classes. One of the agents became a demo student and was able to experience the personalized coaching of our top teachers. With coaching and class overview provided, everybody understood each section of our IELTS Speaking Classes. We are lucky enough that our partners have spent time on the first 2 days getting information updates from both campuses of Pines Academy. We are beyond grateful to our Taiwanese partners for their visit and unwavering support of  Baguio City academies.

Mar 15, 2024
Shibui Shota's English Learning Adventure

Studying English as a Second Language abroad is a big adventure. It's a journey where you discover new things about yourself every day. Shibui Syouta shares his adventure of learning English. His story shows us how important it is to keep trying, find the best way to learn and set clear goals.Finding the Right PathShibui started with Pines' Power Speaking Course; wherein he had 4 sessions of 1-on-1 classes and 4 sessions of group classes, but he wants fast improvement within his timeframe of studying English abroad. He had a goal: he wanted to achieve 6.5 on the IELTS test, so he changed his plan and took a different course called Power ESL7 which he thinks will prepare him for taking the IELTS Course. The Power ESL 7 consisting of 7 sessions of 1-on-1 classes will help him focus more on English learning.Enjoying LearningOur featured student knows how to keep his interest high in studying as he likes attending his daily classes. He mentioned that speaking is his favorite class. His teacher helped him pronounce words more clearly. Whenever he did not understand a grammar rule or a new word, his teachers explained the meaning with easier words and made him learn vocabulary words. Getting Better Step by StepWhen Shibui first started, speaking and listening in English were challenging for him. But day by day, he got better. He wrote down new words and grammar rules in a notebook and studied an English book he brought from Japan. He always prepared for his classes and reviewed what he learned. A Place to GrowShibui tells us about the good environment for studying English. There are extra classes that you can take to learn even more. Seeing other students work hard also makes him feel good and work hard too. Shibui plans to keep studying English for a long time. He believes he can get even better, and he invites others to join him in learning.ConclusionShibui's story is a great example for all of us learning English. It shows that finding the right way to learn, being clear about our goals, and enjoying the journey can help us get better. Let's keep trying and learning, just like Shibui.


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Provide opportunities for students of different levels to socialize in English, maximizing their exposure to the English language.
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Elevate your TOEIC success with our program by refining spoken language skills while mastering the essentials for the exam.

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“ One on one class is good because you can ask about everything to your teacher from your book or anything about Baguio. My teacher is very good, she teaches IELTS class before and she thought me how to improve on my writing skills. She put a lot of effort to edit my write-up. ”

Oct 27, 2023

“ I chose Pines because I want to study speaking, and Pines is the most famous school in Baguio. ”

Jul 16, 2023

“ I am very happy with my roommates for they are very friendly with me and they introduce me to some students too. My course is Power ESL 7 with only 1:1 class, but I have night optionclasses that help me meet other students. We share and learn something together ”

Jun 30, 2023

“ When I studied in Japan, there are American teachers, England teachers (and a lot more). They have good pronunciation, good communication skill and good grammar skills, but I think that Pines teachers are very good. ”

May 12, 2023

“ I didn't expect that I would enjoy studying English, but I do, and I am sure you will enjoy your class. There are many courses in pines that you can choose from. You can even enroll in an option class after finishing your regular classes if you want. You can concentrate completely on your English. ”

Feb 21, 2023

“ I'm well satisfied with my stay at Pines Academy. My English improved in all areas, from speaking to writing. I can now express myself well because of my interactions with my teachers and friends from other countries. ”

Baba Yuri
Dec 03, 2022

“ Thank you so much for the knowledge and friendships I gained in this Academy. Studying at Pines is my precious living abroad experience, where I met other nationalities with whom I understand cultures. ”

Tuong Thi Thuy Linh
Nov 06, 2022

“ I was satisfied with my study at Pines Academy. The teachers are friendly and kind. I made friends who encouraged me to reach my dreams. Being at Pines is my kind of environment- I felt safe. ”

Urara Shiga
Sep 25, 2022

“ I would like to express my sincere thanks to the school administrator and teachers. You have given me the most wonderful experience over the past three months. ”

Tran Nguyen Huuthanh
Aug 28, 2022

“ The classes at Pines were very accurate and interesting. The different programs exceeded my expectations but were beginner-friendly. Pines i a great English school with great teachers. ”

Unur Lkhaguadorj
Jul 30, 2022

“ I recommend Pines International Academy for English learners because all the courses, textbooks, and subjects are of a high standard quality. The teachers and staff were all professional and always smiling. ”

Su Wei-Hao
Jul 29, 2022

“ The outstanding abilities of the Pines Teachers in all my subjects amazed me. I achieved and improved more at Pines Academy than any other school I've been to. Thanks to my teachers who guided me throughout my 10-week stay at Pines. I'm blessed to have met you. I'm thankful for all the guidance and patience while I was going after my desired score. ”

Hong Sun Hye
May 07, 2022